Weekly Specials Lunch

11:30AM - 4.00PM

Dine In. Take Out- Delivery


MONDAY: Any Specialty Salad + 8" Focaccia al Rosemarino $9.95

TUESDAY: Any Panini or 8" Pizza + Soup or Side Salad (house or ceasar) $9.95

WEDNESDAY: Two Panini + 1 soft Drink $12.95

THURSDAY: Calzone +Soup or Side Salad  (house or ceasar) $9.95 2X1 All beers All day

FRIDAY: Two Classic Burgers + Two Draft Beer or Sof Drink $21.95



 4:00PM - 10.30PM

Only Take Out and Delivery


MONDAY: Two 12" Margherita (cheese) Pizzas $14.00

TUESDAY: Order Any 12"Pizza and Get an Order of Chicken Wing for $2.00

WEDNESDAY: Receive a FREE 8" Dessert Pizza when you order Any Two "12 Pizzas